Acting as a General Contractor

You are a professional, licensed, real estate agent. You are not a licensed general contractor. Understand the differences. They’re critical.

Most of us intuitively know that a general contractor is a person who builds things, or repairs
things. Sometimes they are big outfits; sometimes the office is the passenger side of the bench seat of their pickup truck. Either way, they have licenses to do certain things. The State likes that. A lot. So much, in fact, that it is very protective of those persons who went through the pain and suffering necessary to get that general contractor’s license.

Here’s the rub. Supervising the work of others (which work would have required a general contractor’s license if the others were doing it unsupervised) also requires a general contractor’s license.

If you are acting as a supervisor, and are not licensed, then you have violated the Contractors State License Law. The penalty? You may not be paid for any of the work. You may not be reimbursed for any costs you have advanced on the project. You must give back all money received already – even if that money was to reimburse you for materials you bought and installed on the property.

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