While there will always be opportunities for the knowledgeable and dilligent to make money flipping properties, declining prices and increasing loan costs will shrink the profit margins available as flippers find it harder to re-sell.

First it was the (unreasonable) restriction on the number of loans an investor could get, then it was the (reasonable) restriction of Uncle Fluffy purchases. The Fed only wants you to flip so many, you see.

In contrast, those who buy for their home or for rental investment could benefit from 1) locking in the profit margin between current prices and actual value (I know, whatever THAT is?); and 2) potentially higher rental values as the ranks of renters swell with people who cannot obtain a loan to buy their own home.

So, “right now” may be the ideal time to buy real estate, not for quick profit but for the long-term stability and financial growth that real estate has historically provided as a part of an overall financial plan.


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