It was recently reported that “Chase plans to lend $12 billion to U.S. small businesses in 2011, a 20 percent increase over its 2010 commitment.

‘Small business owners are not only our neighbors, but also the entrepreneurs that hire half of the employees in the United States,’ said Michael Cleary, CEO of business banking in retail financial services, in a press release. ‘It’s critical that we support small businesses as they continue to fuel the economic recovery across the country.’

During the first quarter of 2011, Chase increased by 64 percent its lending to businesses with annual sales of less than $20 million, the company reported.’

((Read more: Chase to lend $12 billion to U.S. small business in 2011 | Los Angeles Business from bizjournals))

One has to wonder if CHASE is chasing after all those consumers it’s cut loose as a result of bad residential real estate loans. How will someone whose small business was impacted by a downturn in RE values (and thus consumer spending) react to CHASE’s newest gambit to win back their loyalty? I’d guess it depends on how impacted their volume of business has been. If you need the money – you CHASE after it.

What with the potential failure of local and regional banks becasue of the looming commercial real estate debt fiasco – CHASE may be the only game in town.

It just goes to remind you: “The Golden Rule is ‘He with the Gold, makes the Rules.'”

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