“The goal is to reinstate as many borrowers in a modification that performs well,” said Tony Meola, a servicing executive with Bank of America. “It also is likely to lead to faster resolution in those unfortunate situations where foreclosure is inevitable. While not a desirable outcome, the recovery of the housing markets depends on moving through the foreclosure process as quickly and fairly as possible.”

Thus reported the New York Times.

You might want to read this: We settled with the investors, now we have to move this garbage through the system and foreclose on everything. If only the Bank would.

8 Billion (with a B) is a lot of money. But it’s a drop compared to the amount of underwater residential (we haven’t even touched commercial) loans out there.

Want to get the economy running again? Take the hits needed on these bad loans. Re-balance the balance sheet (yes, you WILL BE a smaller Bank), and then let’s get back to business.

My $0.02.

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