Have you ever had an experience with neighbors who, shall we say, are less than neighborly? What if you want to sell your home for top dollar? Then you’d better not mention those neighbors, right? Watch this story to find out what happened when the seller didn’t disclose those gnarly neighbors.

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  • Aniko Sherry

    Dear Hanson Law Firm

    Thank you for the Gnarly Neighbour video. In this case the gnarly neighbour was obviously displaying his disturbance. Any court case for the obvious personal verbal harassments and accusations ? With due respect to all attorneys, in my scenario it is an attorney within our HOA who will do anything to “dig the hole” for me, spread unfunded accusations, ruin my character, display private information on my property to other members. Other members, out of fear of the attorney, also turn on me without any reason at all.
    Thank you,

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