Welcome to #WarStoryWednesdays. In this edition, San Francisco real estate and insurance bad faith trial attorney Christopher Hanson tells the story of a software engineer who decided to trade in his frameworks for fruit trees, move to the country, raise avocados and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite turn out that way, and he ended up suing his broker, and the farmer who sold him the property. There are all kinds of lessons here about broker liability, the duty to inspect, selecting the right lawyer, and even fraud. (Adapted from Smith v. Rickard, 205 Cal.App.3d 1354)

As humans, we learn from stories. The War Story Wednesday videos and accompanying book “War Story Wednesdays: A Trial Lawyer’s Tales from the Trenches” are stories based upon actual cases decided by the California courts, and shared to help teach us what to do and what not to do. For more War Stories: http://bit.ly/2I7sS5E