“Swimmin’ pools and movie stars…”  or the “cement pond” – whichever you call it, having a swimming pool is a pretty fun thing.  Nothing beats the sounds of kids laughing during a water fight, or the repeated calls of “Mom, watch me” when it’s for the 13th belly flop, or the endless (and I do mean endless) repetition of “Marco … Polo”.

Of course, swimming pools have their down side also.  Far too many accidents have occurred while running alongside, or unattended children drown.  That’s why we now have rules that require fencing around pools.  Of course, fencing doesn’t stop stupid.  And fencing is designed to keep people out of the pool area, not as a thing to be climbed over.

In this edition of War Story Wednesdays, you’ll learn about a fencing contractor that went ker-plunk, into an empty pool, while looking over a fence.  And then sued – everyone.

You can’t make this stuff up.