San Francisco press reports have revealed that a security lapse at real estate title firm has exposed 885 million records to anyone that cared to check them out.

“A security lapse at First American Financial exposed bank account numbers and other sensitive information contained in 885 million files. A flaw in an internet application allowed anyone with a web browser to see the confidential data until First American blocked all outside access Friday.”

Huh?  885 MILLION records?  That’s some “lapse” – wouldn’t you say?

“It’s unclear if any of the exposed information was scooped up by outsiders with criminal intentions. If the 885 million records were harvested, it would rank among the biggest leaks of data on the internet.”

Title companies continue to blast out warnings against “Wire Transfer Fraud.”  One can only imagine the ease with with those transfer frauds can happen, when it’s the title companies themselves giving out the information needed to perpetrate the fraudulent transactions.  Come on guys; you’re smarter than this.

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California Real Estate Title Firm Lapse Exposes Personal Data in 885 Million Files