California AB 828 (Ting) is another STUPID proposal by “the Guv’mnt” that’s here to help.

The Bill, if passed, would mandate courts to give any tenant that declares they have suffered “increased costs for household necessities OR reduced household earnings.” No showing of proof is needed to demonstrate a “financial hardship” was created by the increased cost or reduced earnings.  Toilet paper cost increase anyone?

And, if that increase/reduction happened between March 2, 2020 and March 4, 2021, the court is *to presume* it was COVID 19 related, and no showing or proof is needed by the tenant.


Oh, and the Landlord, still has to pay 100% of that pesty mortgage expense.  And the insurance.  And the taxes to the State that just gave the Tenant this “25% bonus.”

Did I already say STUPID?
(Just checking.)