Expert Witness

Expert Witness

Subject Matter Expertise, that’s what you get when you hire me as an “expert witness.”

Let’s be clear, not all ‘Standard of Care’ expert witnesses are alike.  In fact, many are just awful.

I know, I’ve hired a lot of them over my 25 years as a trial attorney.

Some have no ‘real life’ experience as a real estate licensee, selling or leasing real estate – commercial and/or residential, where the things that matter are VERY different.

So how, then, are they qualified to opine on a subject they’ve never actually worked at.  It’s like the Pope giving opinions on birth control.

Some are retired attorneys (like me), who just love hearing themselves talk (not like me).  They say a lot, waste a lot of time, and send huge bills for it.  What’s the point of that, other than for the “expert” to make a lot of money.  (Let’s be clear, I like making a lot of money too; but at least I’ll earn it doing an honest day’s work…)

Some feel they know so much, they refuse to be open to learning new aspects of the case.  Some never even try to see the other side’s perspective, or to prepare to rebut what the other side is bound to say.

Others, finally, are just paid whores who will say whatever the client wants them to.  They don’t even pretend to be objective.

Too blunt?  Not if you’re honest about it.

Finding the right expert shouldn’t be like throwing darts at a board and hoping for a bullseye.

With me, you’ll get a balanced, and unbiased opinion.  I’ll read actually your documents, depositions and discovery.  We’ll talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly (every case has a little of all three).  My opinion will take into account not only the other side’s position, but also the ‘real world’ that we live and work in, colored by how I’ve lived, and worked, in it.

Interested in that kind of an expert?

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