Our Approach

How We Do It

Our Approach:

There’s a process…and a time-line…for a mediation. After all, certainty and speed are key.

We’ve outlined the steps below.

When the mediation process is broken down in smaller pieces, each is easy to do and finish.

All (well, most, anyway) of our real estate mediations are conducted online, via a Zoom Conference.

  • 1

    The Introduction

    Any selection of a mediator (or any professional) is preceded by an introduction, a review, a check, to see if the mediator and the case are appropriate for each other. It's no different with us. Our Website contains a host of information about us, the process and our availability.

    Once we receive an inquiry, or a scheduling request, we reach out to the parties to be sure we’re a good for what you need.

  • 2

    Executing the Mediation Agreement

    The Paperwork stage is - we hope - simple and easy. We talk about what’s expected, and what it will cost. There are no secrets and we’re as transparent as we can be as we begin the mediation relationship.

  • 3

    Scheduling the Mediation

    We’re at your disposal, as much as time allows anyway. We know time is of the essence in most cases, so we allow you to pick the date for your mediation.

  • 4

    Pre-Mediation Teleconference

    At the outset, the Mediator will set up a telephone conference with the attorneys (or parties) to the Mediation. This is when we review the general characteristics of the case, who should be present at the mediation, how it will be held (generally by Zoom conference, although special alternate arrangements can sometimes be made). We answer as many questions as we can in this initial meeting, so as to make the mediation flow as easily as possible when it occurs.

  • 5

    Submission of Confidential Mediation Statements

    A week of so before the scheduled Mediation, the parties and their lawyers can (and often do) submit a Confidential Mediation Statement. This is a document that is not shared among the other parties to the Mediation and contains special insights to the case the one side or the other wants to bring to the Mediator’s attention.

  • 6

    Submission of NON-Confidential Mediation Briefs and Documents

    Three days before the Mediation itself, all parties MUST submit a Non-Confidential Mediation Brief, which is shared among all the participants in the Mediation. The Mediation Agreement sets forth all the details to be included in the Mediation Brief. Any documents or reports to be used in the Mediation are also submitted (even if not shared) at this time. This includes a template Settlement Agreement to be used when (I prefer that, and not ‘if’) the Mediation is concluded.

  • 7

    Final Pre-Mediation Teleconference

    Just before the Mediation, the Mediator will check in with the Mediation participants (or their attorneys) to check in any “last minute” issued or concerns. We remind everyone of some Tips and Traps relating to a successful mediation and make sure (as best we can) everyone is ready to go on Mediation day.

  • 8

    The Mediation

    On the day of the Mediation, we get everyone checked in and situated, touch on any 11th hour issues, and begin the process.

  • 9

    Post-Mediation Follow Up

    In the event the Mediation is unsuccessful, we will touch base with each side afterward, to see if any further roadblock might be overcome, or to render whatever additional assistance we can to help the parties come to settlement.

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