Mediation Agreement

The Paperwork

As with all things in life, there is “paperwork.” Setting up a Mediation is no exception.

Not all Mediators or Mediation Companies or even States have the same sets of rules, regulations, statutes, or requirements. We’ve created our Mediation Agreement Template to cover all the bases. It is modeled after the Federal District Court of Northern California’s Mediation Rules, and includes agreements relating to Confidentiality and Privilege that are not always covered in each State in the US.

Read it carefully, and when you’re ready to set up your Mediation, we’ll send it to you and your clients in a format ready for DocuSign.

We’ve also prepared some Mediation Advisories – a Cheat Sheet if you will of “Do’s and Don’ts” for a successful mediation experience, and how to use Zoom as a mediation platform. We’ll send you that paperwork as well.

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