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Why Us?

It’s a good question – after all, there are a LOT of Mediators out there. Here’s our answer:


My team and I are ‘experts’ in real estate.

10,000 hours – isn’t that what Gladwell says is required for expertise?  I have 44+ years = 86,240 hours experience in the real estate industry (based on an 8 hour day, 49 weeks a year).  From early career work (7 years) as an Advisory Title Officer in the title insurance industry, to a middle-career (13 years) as a real estate broker (both residential and commercial – I’m a CCIM), and a second career (25 years) as a real estate trial lawyer, my focus has been solely on real estate.

I’ve tried, arbitrated and mediated real estate matters involving almost every aspect of the industry:  Boundary lines, Easements, Breaches of Contract, Non-Disclosure of Known Defects, Family Partition Actions, Partnership Dissolutions, Broker Negligence, Fraud in the Formation, Homeowner Associations, Loan Workouts and Renegotiations, Foreclosures, Commercial Evictions, Title Insurance Claims, you name it.

And I’ve worked for E&O insurance companies; so I understand how the claims defense and settlement process works. (I’ve sued insurance companies to compel them to provide coverage to brokers too…)


Why is that a “good thing?” Because retired judges as mediators, are often .. terrible.

Judges are generalists. They have overseen all kinds of cases, and among them, maybe, a smattering of real estate claims. And, judges are used to giving “Orders.” Many (not all mind you) simply are not good at being less than the center of attention. I believe a good mediator is a catalyst – added to the mix, then disappearing with no trace. After all, a settlement must be about the parties and their interests, not about the judge and his/her “presence.”

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“Back in the Day” attorneys and their clients were limited to mediators from their local areas – even if there wasn’t a mediator with the kind of expertise they really needed. Technology has changed that – forever.

Using Zoom – we can, and do, conduct mediations anywhere in the US. Our focus has been on major metropolitan areas like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Miami, Tampa, Houston, Dallas, etc., but we are available to help settle real estate conflicts anywhere in the US.

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