A true testament to someone’s expertise and ability isn’t what they say about themselves; it is what others have to say about them.

Here’s what past clients have had to say about me.

Christopher is a good atty. to consult with on property matters as well as some other legal issues I’ve had to deal with. He’s also a pretty good guy for a Lawyer, just don’t tell him I said so.

Greg Barron

I hired Hanson for education purposes and for what we’re doing right or wrong. It was great – it may have kept us out of trouble. They’re pretty focused on what they do & don’t do. From Christopher you get a problem solving approach. As a broker, his perspective is better than someone who’s only been a real estate lawyer and never worn the hat of broker. I have confidence in him – he’s doing the right thing – competent in the technical aspects of his job and I can trust him. I love the mini law reviews and share them at my sales meetings – they’re different and valuable.

Richard Knutson
Owner, Premier Apartment Advisors

I would refer people to Christopher because he’s competent and sincere.

Lynn Worthington

As a real estate agent, having a list of professional and knowledgeable vendors that I can rely on, from Stagers to Plumbers, is a MUST for my own success. Christopher Hanson, Attorney at Law, is the only name on my vendor list for a recommended real estate attorney and firm. His expertise is second to none!

Peggy Kidd

I am an attorney myself but have used Christopher Hanson as my “go to” attorney for my real estate litigation needs. He has a lot of knowledge and creativity when it comes to problem solving, plus he has great presentation skills in court. Christopher thinks outside the box. I would definitely recommend him.

Candice Gonzalez

I have worked with Christopher Hansen in the field of real estate development, and consider him an outstanding talent in the real estate profession. His legal practice has always provided wise business and transaction counsel, his experience with real estate direct sales and marketing, both in the commercial and residential sectors, uniquely positions him with a complete and through understanding of all aspects of the business. Christopher is also a creative problem-solver, while always pressing to ensure his client’s best interests are served.

Bill Garvine

Christopher Hanson is very smart and very good at what he does – he understands the complexity of cases and can negotiate a settlement.

Barbara Woolmington-Smith

Christopher’s experience and expertise would serve any prospective client well. Hanson has an excellent and dedicated staff.

Curt Cournale

When Chris agreed to represent us I was relieved.He was recommended to us with high regard and has lived up to every bit of that.If your case can be won than Chris is the one to represent you. I think he’s the best in the business.

Jeff Patterson

Christopher is a good litigant and has taken on almost impossible things…and resolved them. He’s so well rounded – your back is covered. If someone hired Hanson against me, I’d be up against a stone wall.

Pete Caponio

Christopher was invited to our real estate office to present a risk managment talk. His presentation demonstrated a profound understanding of the legal issues facing Realtors and an ability to distill complex information in a lively and informative manner.

Jerry Nussbaum

As a colleague on the Board of Directors at ENCINAL YACHT CLUB I have gotten to know Christopher Hanson as an extremely capable and results oriented attorney, representing the legal interest of our club in a wide variety of matters. What has struck me most with Christopher is his uncanny ability to quickly come to the essence of the issue at hand.

Peter Aschwanden

Mr. Hanson is a very personable and experienced attorney who is always ready to help with questions about real estate law. He has considerable working knowledge of real estate development and investment issues as well as realtor buy/sell issues. He has helped my clients with real estate and fraud issues and they were always quite satisfied with the results. Hanson is the first one I turn to for real estate advice

Susan L. Jeffries

Christopher has on several occasions kept my plans on the straight and narrow, fixed potential situations before the materialized and advised us in a manner consistent with being trusted Counsel. I will work with him again.

Dan Hayes

Christopher produced terrific results for me and my insured in two cases filed by a plaintiff’s attorney known for his filing frivolous and costly lawsuits. His negotiation posture is what won the day in these two suits. I would work with him again.

John Pezzolanti

When you need someone in YOUR corner, Christopher Hanson is the guy. His thoughtful, creative and intelligent style not only gets results but it gives you great peace of mind through difficult circumstances. Christopher makes it happen. He brings his best to every transaction and makes winning for his clients a personal thing. He’s the best.

Mike Wilson

Christopher is a dedicated attorney who works tirelessly to represent every client. His competitive spirit and drive are paramount. He is a dynamic and tenacious negotiator, incorporating modern technology into his arsenal of tools to effectively represent his clients. I can give no higher personal recommendation than to Christopher Hanson.

Gary Puls

Christopher has demonstrated his Exceptional expertise in Real Estate law. He helped me in two separate situations with unique and very effective interpretations of the law. Far more important and helpful to me however, Christopher developed specific detailed strategy options. He has many years of experience as an attorney, broker and a CCIM. That all came together for for me with sound advice and timely service.

Austin Wedemeyer Jr.

Christopher was very available, intelligent and took care of a very uncomfortable and difficult situation with finese. I recommend him highly.

Lynne Scalapino

Christopher is a cut above due to his aggressiveness & willingness to do with such vigor what we asked and wanted. The first case that Christopher Hanson handled for us was a lawsuit that we wanted him to fight – we wanted to win and to have this plaintiff go away. We got exactly what we wanted and we were happy with that. I enjoy that Hanson is willing to teach me what I don’t know. He is terribly patient with me. I don’t know honestly if I would get that from other lawyers.

Beverly Kendall
COO, Re/Max Gold

Hanson Law Firm successfully litigated an action for return of my purchase deposit from a builder. With years of experience, Christopher was easily able to forge a solution that was amenable to all parties involved.

CJ Clynn

Christopher helped my business partner and I work through some issues that could have torn our business apart. Christopher’s tough questions and valuable insights caused us both to stop and reevaluate what we were doing and where we were headed. Thanxs Chris!

Betty Ditmer

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome … you did everything but “walk on water” during the trial.

John C

Chris is a strategic thinker who also has an ability to organize the detail. His arguments are articulate and comprehensive. His knowledge of real estate, law and practice, is extensive. Chris is one of the best I have met in this field; he is my attorney of choice.

David West

Christopher has provided my company with expert legal advice on several occasions. Christopher is very knowleageable and clearly communicates the available options. My questions were answered promptly and thoroughly at each step of the process. I look forward to working with Christopher in the future.

Carlos Yang

Christopher has extensive experience with real estate legal matters and having referred clients, I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback. Christopher is extremely articulate AND understandable about legal matters involving real estate and his extraordinary experience shows

Bryce Forney

Chris and his firm have a solid reputation for settling many complex cases, saving his clients a lot of money. That’s not where he stops, however. For those cases in which an agreement cannot be reached, he also knows how to (successfully) try a case. He brings in the best experts and uses the latest technology for trial (which is where I fit in, having provided trial technology), fully utilizing every available resource in the interest of representing his clients in the best possible manner. I would highly recommend him, and would not hesitate to retain him, were I to have the need.

Ted Brooks

Christopher is a brilliant individual – smart, experienced, quick witted and direct. His honesty is refreshing – as he advises on the best recourse for his clients rather that what will help to line his pockets. I recommend him often and am grateful for the information he’s provided in the past

Stacy Simmons

Mr. Hanson has handled a number of legal issues and negotiations for us. Always professional and diligent, glad he is our guy, and not theirs.

Niels Glaser

Chris Hanson is a stickler for detail, presenting his thoughts in carefully crafted statements that engage everyone around him.

Bill Emberley

Tenacious and zealous–and a wonderful strategist–you want Christopher on your side!

Audrey Howitt

Having sat in the Alameda Courthouse for two and one half weeks during this trial, a few unsolicited comments/observations are in order: Bottom Line: Christopher Hanson … rewrote the “How To” text book for trial lawyers. The presentation [during trial, and the] support services were “state of the art” and had the court staff standing in amazement with their mouths wide open.

Arnie S

Christopher Hanson understands real estate law and practice. His insight and problem solving are extremely helpful to real estate agents and real estate brokerage.

Sam Benson

Hanson is very good because he has special knowledge of the cases. I trust him… he has deep background in real estate as a broker/agent… he knows the business well.

Romeo Alvidera

Christopher has practical experience in Real Estate as a Real Estate Broker and Attorney. Christopher is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend him to resolve your real estate issues.

Victor Jin

Christopher is in the same field as I am, that of a securities lawyer. he is bright, up on the current information and a tireless worker for his clients.

Gene Trowbridge, Esq.

Christopher is the kind of attorney we all want to hire when we have the need. He has the highest standards for his own performance and professionalism, and cares deeply about the quality of the work produced by his firm. As a person, I truly enjoy working with him, he’s got a great sense of humor, and I know he will live up to his commitments.

Erin McGrath

A good lawyer, like Christopher, specializes and has a background in real estate; he understands more, in-depth, on the practical side.

Denise MaNgyen

What keeps me coming back? His quality of work and the personal relationship.

Dave West

Chris Hanson handled my situation in a prompt and precise manner. From start to finish, he kept me aprised of the situation until the case was settled. His confidence to win the case, much to my relief, was completely on target. Chris has a way with people, all the while being completely up front about what to expect. What more can you ask for?

Kathy Partak

I’m not going to work with any other attorney other than him. He allows you to do what you do best, which is to go out there and sell real estate. He really watches our back. He’s proactive about it, and he doesn’t sit back and wait for something to happen, he actually prevents it from happening. I’ve worked with many attorneys in the past. But, Christopher Hanson, he’s here to stay!

Wilson Du
Century 21

I feel that we’ve explored all paths before we come to a final conclusion on what we should do. Thoroughness … confidence that he utilized all his potential and expertise to work on my case. A good lawyer, like Christopher, is someone who specializes and has a background in real estate; he understands more, in-depth, on the practical side.

Century 21 Logo
Vinny and Denise MaNgyen

Christopher is the rare attorney who understands business as well as the law. While he’s an extremely talented attorney, he also understands and can articulate the business advantages of specific legal strategies. I’ve always enjoyed working with Christopher, and have gotten consistently great results. I highly recommend his work

Melane Ali

Christopher Hanson and his crew of top notch Real Estate Attorney’s have EXTENSIVE REAL ESTATE EXPERIENCE. I highly recommend Christopher Hanson to those who want their real deals and/or real estate problems represented properly ,the first time.

Bill Mohr

Christopher has a creative and tenacious mind. He is very good at getting to the heart of an issue, and then addressing it directly. He is a professional who vigorously represents the best interest of his clients; I recommend him highly.

Paul Sinz

Christopher is a consummate professional. He is detail-oriented and is able to keep his eye on the overall objective. He is a good team player and keeps his keen sense of humor in its proper place. Christopher is loyal and true to his group. He is a hard worker to boot!

Fred Rutledge

Having Chris advise or represent you will give you a feeling of immediate confidence. Even though I’ve known Chris for almost 20-years, he continues to impress me with his vast and total knowledge of his profession. He is honest, and straight-forward with his comments and opinions. He doesn’t dilly-dally, but gets things done, and done well. On more than one occasion, when Chris had obtained a winning court decision for his client, the client being represented by the other side would tell Chris that he wished that Chris had represented him. Because I’ve known Chris for so long, I can honestly say that he has always and will always be my first choice as an attorney and, most importantly, as a friend.

Robert M. Brown

Hanson has exceptional knowledge, a good sense of humor, and is willing to admit when he’s wrong (a big thing!). We had many go rounds during the DRE sessions and I respected his ability.

Vern Hansen


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